Open Letter to Bushiroad

Today I'll make an exception and write a post in English. Like its title, this is an open letter to Bushiroad.

Most people will not be aware, but this is a company which manufactures and distributes collectible card games, which are similar to Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon and other CCGs. Among Bushiroad's products, perhaps the most popular worldwide is Cardfight! Vanguard. Even though I'm a Magic TG player for almost 21 years, in early 2015 I've decided to give this relatively new game a chance and immediately loved it. Great engine, amazing card art and quality. It just had it all.

One of the aspects which lured me into the game was that our local community of Cardfight! Vanguard players in Niterói (a suburb of Rio de Janeiro) is thriving with great minds, enthusiasts and overall, really nice and cool people. I must admit that moving most of my available gaming time from Magic TG to Vanguard was due mostly to being severely disappointed with the local Magic community, flooded with players who would cheat even to win the smallest prize. In Vanguard I got to learn a new and exciting game, but also make new friends, which was refreshing.

With a pool of almost 40 local players and a regular attendance in our weekly tournaments between 12 and 15 players, we decided to push for being included in Bushiroad's organized play system - in other terms, become officially recognized as a place where the real action happens, find our place under the sun. Every week we eagerly checked tournament news from other countries and think: "Why hasn't Brazil been included in Bushiroad's map?" Therefore a large number of players decided to contact Bushiroad, with the support of our local shop owners, who also tried to reach Bushiroad several times.

Well, they didn't even reply one single e-mail. Yes, talk to me about great customer service.

But the most shocking news came last week when Bushiroad announced that 3 Brazilian shops would host official organized play sessions. Even though I'm happy for my friends from Fortaleza (2.6m habitants), Goiania (1.4m habitants) and Patos de Minas (147k habitants), these news left me fuming with anger. I don't mean to be depreciative of my beautiful country, especially to those cities, but these are much smaller places compared to Rio de Janeiro's metropolitan area of 12m habitants.

Why can't Bushiroad see the potential our region has? Why can't Bushiroad reply to our messages and e-mails? And why did Bushiroad establish contact with some local shops, but basically ignored others?

I do not intend to stop playing Cardfight! Vanguard, but until Bushiroad is able to provide a suitable explanation or satisfaction to their own customers, I will wage open criticism against them in any form of media available to me, and call upon my friends to join me in this task.

Shame on your, Bushiroad. As a company, you dishonor this beautiful game and its amazing community.

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Richardy disse...

Sou de Goiânia e tenho contato proximo do pessoal da imperio! A questão que o nome deles esta vinculado a Bushi a muito tempo, suporte ou reconhecimento pra torneios oficiais nunca veio!